Channel U’s 100% Singapore (百分百新加坡) talks about 100 unique Singaporean traits in 8 episodes

We have consolidated the videos and compiled into this post to share with you. If you have missed the live show, you can just drop by this post to take a look. (It is still ongoing)

100% Singapore: Episode 1
What makes a true blue Singaporean? In this episode, in the spirit of nostalgia, take a walk down memory lane to visit the old barber shops, meet the creator of our old playground, witness the displacement of a 74-year-old coffee shop and to appreciate the songs of our times- Xin Yao.

1. Traditional Coffee Shop aka Kopitiam

2. Grocery shop (also called “Gei Lai” if I remember correctly”)

3. Traditional Bread

4. Barber Shop

5. Childhood Biscuit

6. Childhood Games

7. Childhood Playground

8. Vintage collection

9. Chinese Opera

10. Haw Par Villa

11. Rediffusion Singapore (Chinese: 丽的呼声)

12. Gramophone record

13. Xinyao (Chinese: 新谣; pinyin: Xīnyáo) is a Chinese noun comprising two words: Xin (新) which is an abbreviation for Singapore, and Yao (谣) for song.

100% Singapore: Episode 2

Whats in store from story 14 to 26? What is considered the Singaporeans way of life? Speaking Singlish? Going to wet markets for grocery shopping? Why is shopping considered our national past time? Revisit our exclusivity to see what makes us Singaporeans unique.

14. Singlish

15. Carpark Attendant (“Feng Fei Fei” / 鳳飛飛)

16. Short Form (E.g MRT, ROM, CTE, PIE, ITE and many more…)

17. ERP – Electronic Road Pricing

18. Bird Rearing

19. Playing Chess

20. 4D

21. Giving Birth

22. Wet Market (Pasar)

23. Mama Shop

24. Karung Guni

25. Community Centres

26. Shopping

100% Singapore: Episode 3

Whats in store from story 27 to 38? What can be considered to be a Singapore Icon? Merlion? Changi Airport? HDB flats? What represents our unique identity? SQ girl or our favourite chimpanzee Ah Meng? Find out more about the nations icons and the people behind the scenes in this episode!

27. Changi Airport

28. Singapore Girl aka Air Stewardess

29. Merlion

30. Singapore Trading Port

31. Singapore River

32. Marina Bay

33. Tiger Balm

34. Sentosa

35. HDB (Housing Development Board) Flats

36. Ah Meng (Orangutan)

37. Orchid Flower

38. Singapore National Day Parade

100% Singapore: Episode 4

Whats in store from story 39 to 51? Are there any green sanctuaries in Singapores concrete jungle? The answer is a resounding yes! Have you been to Pulau Semacau which is home to a gem of wetland similar to Chek Jawa? Why is Singapore known as the mecca for bird watching? Check out this episode!

39. Pulau Semakau 实马高岛

40. Bukit Timah Hill

41. The Green Heritage

42. Bishan – Ang Mo Kio Park

43. Singapore Botanic Garden

44. Rain Tree

45. Water Reservoirs

46. Sembawang Hot Spring

47. Lightning Rain

48. Lorong Halus Wetland

49. Bird Watching

50. Wild Boar

51. Monkeys

100% Singapore: Episode 5

Whats in store from story 52 to 63? Ever been to a Seventh Month hungry ghost festival celebration? Watched a Getai performance? Or attended a Malay wedding at our void decks? These are just some of the sights that define us as Singaporeans. Catch them and more in this episode!

52. Kampung Life at Pulau Ubin Island

53. Sunday at Little India

54. Elderly Condo

55. Hungry Ghost Festival

56. Lantern Festival

57. Kusu Island

58.  Getai

59. F1 at Night – Backend Heroes3

60. Johor-Singapore Causeway (Malay – Tambak Johor)

61. Ceremony Under HDB Flats Void Decks

62. Ice Cream by the Road

63. Roadside locksmith

Served HOT: Episode 6 – Singapore Food Edition

Fugui set up a series of challenges to determine if Tai Long can stay. The first challenge is to cook prawn noodle soup. The second challenge is to cook Char Kuay Teow. On the day of the competition, Meiwei decided to change their approach at the last minute and use their secret weapon

64. Hawker Centre Delicacy

65. Coffee Shop Lingo

66. Local Eggs

67. Laksa

68. Durian

69. Must Bring Singapore Local Delight in Luggage Bag

70-72. Not Available

73. Chilli Crab

74. Ba ku Teh

75. Hainanese Chicken Rice

100% Singapore: Episode 7

Starting from 76th story, we will bring to 12 uniquely Singaporean phenomenon. What are the inspirations behind the creation of the comic character Mr Kiasu? Remember the song for Speak Mandarin Campaign? Do you know why are we known as a nation of people whom like to complain?

76. Mr. Kiasu (Scared of Losing)

77. Maids

78. Old Elders Selling Tissue Papers

79. COE

80. Golfing Trend

81. Buy HDB first, then marry

82. Community Activities (for example speak chinese exercise)

83. The secret of Singapore Cleanliness

84. I want to complain (Complain king and queen)

85. Plastic Bags

86. Marathon / Triathlon

87. Lou Yu Sheng

Stay tuned for more next week!