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Do Not Call Registry Now Open For Sign-ups

Sign Up Today for the Do Not Call Registry

SINGAPORE — Starting today (Dec 2), consumers who do not wish to receive telemarketing calls or text messages can now register their Singapore telephone numbers with the Do Not Call (DNC) registry.

According to a statement by the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) today, consumers can now list their telephone numbers through the DNC website at http://www.dnc.gov.sg.

They can also send a text message with the text “DNC” to 78772 to block calls, text messages and fax messages; “DNC” to 78773 to block calls only; “DNC” to 78774 to block text messages only, or register by phone at 1800-248-0772 to block calls, text messages and fax messages; 1800-248-0773 to block calls only; or 1800-248-0774 to block text messages only.

The unwanted calls and messages will be blocked from Jan 2 next year.

The Commission noted that those who have given specific organisations their clear and unambiguous consent before or after registering will still continue to receive telemarketing messages.

Organisations can also continue to send individuals messages that do not contain any telemarketing message, such as “service calls or reminder messages for services that they have subscribed to,” as well as messages relating to surveys or customer service.

Consumers who receive telemarketing calls despite having listed their numbers on the registry can complain to the PDPC.

More information can be found at http://www.dnc.gov.sg

Source: TODAY Online


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