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Guess and Win 30 Dollars Worth Takashimaya Vouchers

Predict the Euro 2012 Champion and Win Taka Vouchers

Dear folks,

3 more days to Euro 2012, are you ready for the action?

Madeinsingaporelah is holding a prediction for the champion contest and here are the terms and conditions.

What you must do to participate?

1. You MUST be MadeinSingaporeLah facebook fan. Join and like us here!

euro2012 group

2. Guess your winning team and indicate your prediction in the facebook post.

3. Closing date for participating in the contest will be Sat 09/06/12 at 12am

4. In the event of 2 or more contestants make it to the final with the same predicted winner, an alternative way to determine the final winner will be announced in due time.

5. Winner are to provide his/her mailing address for the claim.

6. Contest is only open for anyone staying in Singapore local address.

7. Each person is only entitled to one chance to predict.

Make your prediction and enjoy the games for this one month. Cheers and all the best!


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