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How to Order Drinks In Coffee shop in the Singapore Style

Dear all,

Just stumbled upon this interesting coffee, aka Kopi singaporean ordering guide, so i will like to share with all of the kopi kakis (friends and buddies) out there. With this guide, you will not encountered any difficulties talking to our “Kopi Soh” (Aunties selling coffee)

How to Order Coffee in The Singapore Style

Beside knowing how to order coffee in Singapore style, under-mentioned are some of the other drinks “Singaporean” names, for your knowledge too. You might be familiar too with some of them, do contribute yours if I have missed out anything.

“Tak Giu” (Kick Ball in Hokkien) = Milo

Just the same as ordering coffee, if you want to have ice, Add a “Peng” at the end.


(Pai Seh, I cannot find the milo tin with the Kicking ball)

“Lao Hor” (Tiger in Hokkien) = Tiger Beer

Tiger beer

“Diao Her” (Fishing in Hokkien) = Tea with Teabag

(D245) The tea that looked up at me

“Yuan Yang” (Mandarin Ducks in Mandarin) = Teh plus Kopi

Picture 034

“Dinosaur” = Milo Ice with extra Milo powder on top

“Godzilla” = Milo Dinosaur with even more Milo powder on top

Milo Dinosaur

“Lai Kor” (Underwear in Hokkien) = Coke Light
Try it out now in the Kopitiam!





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