Is It Time For You to Stop Downloading Movie to Stay Out of Trouble?

Dear folks,

This new has brought to our attention that has been announced from different sources and this is DEFINITELY a TRUE case, so we felt that it was something worth more public attention.

We have consolidated some of the related news from the different sources for your references.

Sources are as below:

1. The Strait Times – Studio demands compensation from more than 500 people here who downloaded movie

More than 500 people in Singapore have allegedly downloaded the Oscar-winning film illegally over the Internet and are now being sued. Read more at The Straits Times

2. The Real Singapore – Law Firm Sends Out Threatening Letters To M1 Subscribers For Torrenting

A forumer from Hardwarezone explained that he received a threatening legal letter from a local law firm demanding that he pay damages and costs. The legal letter was not a cease and desist letter but one asking for money.

The netizen is an M1 Subscriber and he was accused of downloading the movie, Dallas Buyers Club. Apparently others on the thread also experienced something similar and they are all M1 subscribers. Read more at The Real Singapore

 3. More Discussion at SGClub Forum with Relevant Images

Source: SGClub Forum

Images are being extracted from the forum.

Article extracted from the papers

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Part of the letter from one of the accused

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Beside that, just in case if you have not heard about this movie title, here is the movie trailer from youtube.

Piracy is crime so think about it again before downloading the next movie.