Learn Singlish with Dr Jiajia – The New Sensation in Singapore

They are only six and 12, but together, Chua Jin Sen and Chua Jin Chou have amassed a following of over 16,000 fans on Facebook and 10,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Better known as Dr Jiajia and Big Brother, these two boys are the stars of a series of “Singlish” videos that have gone viral here, amassing over 3.6 million views for their hilarious take on Singapore’s unofficial national language.

Their videos have attracted so much attention that Dr Jiajia’s crinkly-eyed smiling face has now become synonymous with the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS), and his signature “Kee Chiew!” (Raise your hand) move has become a talking point on forums and on the streets here.

Now, Dr Jiajia is on his way to becoming a bona fide local movie star.

Lets see how they started and progressed:

Singlish Season 1 Lagi Funny (Very Funny)

Singlish Speaking

Singlish Study Like Xiao (Mad)

Singlish Bully

Bandung & Bakugan

Jiajia and big brother talk about Bandung and Bakugan in this episode. Having more Singaporean tourists will surely support this city’s economy. But bear in mind most taxi drivers don’t speak English there so be sure to bring along someone who speaks bahasa.

A teacher’s present 1st Half

A teacher’s present 2nd Half (Remember to see the 1st Half First above)

My “SeaSon” Face Uncle

Singapore’s Ah Beng

Ghost Buster

Chinese New Year

4 Things U Shouldn’t Do In CNY

The impacts of iPAD and iPHONE on kids – Part 1

The impacts of iPAD and iPHONE on kids – Part 2

Deliciously Dyslexic (Dyslexia)

Kee Chiew! If you’ll vote for a Singlish-speaking, Dyslexic MP!

Anti-gambling Commercial by Dr. Jiajia (with English subtitles)

Fight stress with laughter and Singlish jokes

6 Yr Old Doing Awesome Butt-kicking & Wrestling moves

Beating Hymn of Tiger Mom

Singlish Minister

Speak Proper Singlish Campaign

22 MRT’s Gei Gong Annoucement

Singlish Minister Tak Boleh Tahan MRT Breakdown

Dyslexic Dr.Jiajia Prepares For Exam

Who’s Yaya Papaya?

Part 1: Char Kway Teow Uncle Meets Foreign Talent.

Part 2: Interviewing Char Kway Teow Uncle

Part 1: Chinese Oral Exam with Hello Kitty

Part 2: Chinese Oral Exam with Dr. Jiajia

Return of the Char Kway Teow Uncle

Dr Jiajia & BigBro’s Gangnam style

My Mom Lodged a Police Report After My Teacher Ruined My $100 Haircut