Mr Brown Show

The Mr Brown Show is a Singaporean podcast with the slogan “Singapore’s Favourite Podcast” The weekly episodes consists of lively, satirical audio skits and occasional interviews with guests, as well as original songs. The show lampoons current affairs or recent events in a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek manner, with the skits delivered in a range of accents, prominently including Singlish. Each episode is tinted with a strong local flavour, even those that use global events as their focus.

Latest Video – 12 May 2011: Yam Ah Mee

29th April 2011: Gee Ahruh See

12th April 2011: One Party

LATEST Audio by Mr Brown relating Election Day.

4th April 2011: The Election Day Coming

[audio:|titles=Election Day]

GE 2011

22nd October 2010: I Got A Fewling!

We had a feeling the haze would be back..

3rd September 2010: Oh Army!

The music video of the song written for all the Lau Peng (old soldiers) of Singapore! Salute!

See What See? (Le kua si mi – Hokkien) MTV

Nobody Parody Concert Edition – Mr Brown Show

Haha!!! Have a good laugh with this modified “Nobody” song by Mr. Brown.