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Singapore X-File Unveiled: Why Passengers Simply Refuse to Move to the Back of The Bus?

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Have you ever wondered why the bus is always so cramped and commuters are squeezed like sardine in the front, but surprisingly, there are still empty space at the back. This might be a scene from our daily transportation routine, but why passenger simply refuse to move to the back? Is it Design of the bus OR something else?

Reason: It might be due to the design.

Passenger refuse to move to the back

Source: STOMP

“I think it’s because of the design of the new buses, like the Wheelchair Enabled Buses.

“It is supposed to have more space to accomodate wheelchair users, but it’s so narrow, especially at the back of the bus!

“They expanded the front area, but the back area has a step and a narrow aisle.

“As a result, people don’t like to step up onto the platform especially when the bus is moving.

“And the aisle can only stand one person in a row.

“The people end up being crowded in the front area as there is a big space there, and this chokes up the bus.

Reason: Something else?

Funny Explanation of Why People Dont move to the back of the bus

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